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Re-housing Services

Finding secure and affordable housing is a crucial step on the path to long-term stability and independence for survivors of domestic violence. At My Sister's Lighthouse Resource Center, our re-housing program is designed to support survivors in their journey towards finding safe and sustainable homes. 

We understand the challenges survivors face when navigating the housing market, especially when financial constraints may limit their options. Through our extensive network of community partners, we work tirelessly to identify suitable housing options that meet survivors' specific needs and preferences. Our dedicated case managers provide guidance and support throughout the entire process, assisting with tasks such as locating available units, navigating the rental application process, and advocating for survivors' housing rights. 

For those who qualify, we offer financial assistance for one month's rent and one month's security deposit, ensuring that survivors have the necessary resources to secure a stable living situation. Our holistic approach focuses not only on providing immediate housing solutions but also on empowering survivors with the skills and resources needed for long-term housing stability. By addressing the housing challenges survivors face, we pave the way for them to rebuild their lives and create a secure and nurturing home environment.


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